Andrew Judd describes himself as a 'recovering racist'. It wasn't until he was elected Mayor of New Plymouth and asked to consult with local Maori that he realised that, although Maori are daily expected to walk in a Pakeha world, he had never taken the time to walk in theirs. This lead to Andrew successfully lobbying for Maori ward seats on the the NPDC which was subsequently overturned by Grey Power and a strong reaction from local New Plymouth residents. Andrew's commitment to reconciliation and justice saw him spat at and abused on the streets and ultimately resulted in him choosing not to run for the mayoralty due to the division it revealed in his community. In June 2016 Andrew lead a three-day Hikoi from New Plymouth District Council HQ to Parihaka with over 1,000 participants. Andrew has become a powerful voice of honesty, apology and reconciliation in his community. 



Bonnie Howland is the founder of Indigo & Iris, an ethical makeup company launching in 2017. Indigo & Iris will use 100% of profit to cure treatable blindness in the South Pacific. She has whakapapa to Ngāti Kahungunu through her father, and also comes from a family of Pākehā who have been in New Zealand for many generations with roots to the Isle of Man. She has begun a journey of discovering this identity, whakapapa and culture. Healing the relationship between Pakehatanga and Maoritanga within herself. We are excited to hear Bonnie share this powerful journey with us at Passionfest. 


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Gregory Fortuin grew up in South Africa at the time of apartheid. Attending a segregated coloured school, Gregory was exposed to apartheid in all it's ugliness and degradation. In 1998, Gregory was appointed by Nelson Mandela to the role of Honorary Consul to New Zealand and from 2001 to 2002 served as our Race Relations Conciliator, advocating for a nation of unity that embraces diversity. 

Gregory currently serves as the National Director of Education and Employment for the Salvation Army and is also heavily involved in community issues across New Zealand. He is the founding chair of the Youth Suicide Awareness Trust, as well as current chair of AmanahNZ (ethical Kiwisaver scheme) and Prison Fellowship NZ. Gregory is also a member of the Royal New Zealand Police Commissioner's Cultural Advisory Board.